workshops promoted by the european project Bakeng Se Afrika

Two workshops were held at the University of Coimbra’s Department of Life Sciences, organized by the Forensic Anthropology and Paleobiology research group of the Centre for Functional Ecology (CEF). The University of Coimbra is one of the three European partners of the Bakeng se Afrika Project, funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. This project aims to create a digital database of South African osteological collections, build standard operating procedures for bone digitization, store and analyse digital data, and create ethical standards in the use and in the digitization of human remains.
These workshops took place from the 26th to the 30th of August, on statistics, and from the 2nd to the 6th of September, dealing with the analysis of bone trauma.
The purpose of the statistics workshop was to provide participants with essential tools to data science in anthropology. The course provided an introduction to the R language as well as statistical analysis. It was intended to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the independent use of the R programming language, thus helping participants to start their own research projects and produce publications.
The focus of the second workshop was to provide participants with broad practical training and discussions on the application of the current biomechanical methodology in interpreting bone traumatic injuries. The national and international institutional collaboration of this workshop was a unique opportunity to address the problems encountered by practitioners in a forensic environment when analysing and interpreting traumatic injuries.
These workshops brought professionals from various regions of the world (South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Croatia, USA, France, England, Italy, Sweden) to the University of Coimbra.


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Baken Se Africa

The Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology is on of the partners in the project Baken Se Africa. This project are the folow goals:
to create a large digital repository of micro-CT scans of human skeletal material from South African osteological collections;
to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for scanning of bones and for storage and analyses of digital data;
o create a constitution regarding the ethical use of digital scans of human remains.
Global advances in 3D research into human variation and skeletal anatomy will improve our methods to identify unknown persons in forensic anthropology and will be particularly useful for advances in medicine and education in South African Universities.
The Bakeng se Afrika project is the first project of its kind in South Africa and draws together the expertise of three national higher education institutions, three international higher education institutions and the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) to create a valuable national asset.

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Project BETABones

Project BETABones gathers researchers from the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology – Laboratório de Antropologia Forense (University of Coimbra)  who participated in experiments promoted by the   Centro de Estudos sobre Incêndios Florestais da Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinâmica Industrialon the 15th of May of 2019. The objective is to investigate bone heat-induced changes in bushfires (experimentally) and results will be compared against results obtained on laboratorial burns under controlled conditions (HOT Project).

No âmbito do projeto “BETABones”, investigadores do Laboratório de Antropologia Forense (Universidade de Coimbra) participaram em ensaios experimentais no dia 15 de Maio de 2019 promovidos pelo Centro de Estudos sobre Incêndios Florestais da Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinâmica Industrial. Este projeto tem como objetivo investigar as alterações ósseas induzidas pela exposição térmica em contexto de incêndios (experimentais) de forma a comparar os resultados com aqueles obtidos no âmbito de queimas em laboratório sob condições controladas (HOT Project).


2019 J. Lawrence Angel Forensic Anthropology Student Paper Award

É com enorme orgulho que sabemos que a nossa aluna de doutoramento, Saskia Ammer,  ganhou o prémio J. Lawrence Angel Forensic Anthropology Student Paper Award de 2019.

Muitos parabéns, Saskia.

It is with great pride that we know that our PhD student, Saskia Ammer, has won the 2019 J. Lawrence Angel Forensic Anthropology Student Paper Award.

Congratulations, Saskia.

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