Yesterday, dozens of people went to the inauguration of O que dizem os ossos exumados em Santa Clara-a-Velha at the visitor center of the monastery. This exhibition reveals material from an anthropological excavation that occurred in 1996/97 executed by an anthropological team from the Life Sciences Department (University of Coimbra).

The Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha establishes a stone perimeter around an idea of community that survived in the skeletons of Coimbra’s Poor Clares. The lesser facts, the smaller events, are sometimes reveled by the bones o the women who lived and died at the Monastery. Eugénia Cunha and Francisco Curate attempted to restore those posthumous memories: a genuflected prayer, a moment of a grief, or an act of hygiene. An entire community. The exhibition can be visited until the 18th of September (2016).

Below you can interact with a 3D model of one of the many crania that can be seen in the exhibition:

Also, the media coverage: