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Special Issue

Special Issue “Recent Advances in Forensic Anthropological Methods and Research” published in the journal Biology.

Includes the papers:

Correia Dias, H., Manco, L., Corte Real, F., & Cunha, E. (2021). A Blood–Bone–Tooth Model for Age Prediction in Forensic Contexts. Biology, 10(12), 1312

Navega, D., Costa, E., & Cunha, E. (2022). Adult Skeletal Age-at-Death Estimation through Deep Random Neural Networks: A New Method and Its Computational Analysis. Biology, 11(4), 532

Hands on exercise

Members of the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology (Ana Vassalo, Joana Rosa, and Inês Oliveira-Santos) took part  in a hands on exercise at the Institute of Judicial Police and Criminal Sciences.

This exercise brought together 24 experts from five European countries and focused on techniques to locate and exhume cadavers.



Bakeng se Afrika

We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Mandi Albas and Chantelle Marais from Stellenbosch University (Cape Town, South Africa) to the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology.

This visit was part of the Bakeng se Afrika project.

High School students visit the laboratory

The Department of Life Sciences received, on the 20th of May, a visit from 73 students and 6 professors from Escola Básica e Secundária de Anadia.

The visit passed through the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology where the students were welcomed by Inês Santos and Beatriz Silva (both PhD students) and learned about Forensic Anthropology and the research produced at the lab!

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