Post-graduation in Forensic Anthropology

Since 2011, LFA is responsible for an annual post-graduation course in forensic anthropology. In Portugal, it is the only exclusively dedicated to this subject. This is a course which does not confer a degree but which provides a excellent training in the field of forensic anthropology. The course is 10 months long. Applications are done in the website of the UC. Classes are being taught on Fridays and Saturdays. In all, there is a total of 240 hours.

It has a one year duration and one of its most positive aspects is its focus on the practical component. Indeed, it does include a lot of practical classes. Moreover, students have the possibility to practice with identified skeletons. It also includes a visit to the National Institute of legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, where whenever possible, students can assist to forensic cases. The course is now on its 5th edition. The 1st took place in Lisbon, namely at the South Delegation (Lisbon) of NILMFS. After that, all the editions have been taking place in Coimbra, namely at the Department of Life Sciences. With the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology leading the program.

We are proud to have been receiving students from many different academic backgrounds and from other countries, mainly from Brazil. Classes are mainly given in Portuguese but can also be taught in English.

The course plan can be consulted here. Queries and questions should be addressed to or