The Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology has been receiving students and researchers from several countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, USA, Spain, Slovakia, France, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, among others.

The researchers mainly came to work with the 21st century identified skeletal collection but also to exchange ideas within common research projects with the local members of the laboratory.

Students come as well to accomplish part of their  PhD  thesis and some to do an Erasmus internship.

Among the international cooperation, we highlight the following ones:

North Carolina State University, Forensic Sciences Institute, Department of Sociology and Anthropology (; ). In 2014 Dr. Ross and Prof. Cunha were awarded an NC State Internationalization Seed Grant to establish an MOU for faculty and student exchanges between the institutions as well as develop collaborative faculty and student research.

Universitat degli Studi di Milano. LABANOF – Laboratorio di Antropologia e Odontologia Forense. The collaboration between these two lab dates back to 2003, when FASE was founded, being Prof. Cattaneo the LABANOF coordinator, and together with Prof. Cunha co-founders of FASE. Erasmus agreement has been helping the exchanges between the two labs.

Universidad de Granada. Lab. Anthrop.  Dept. Medicina Legal, Toxicología y Antropología Física, Spain, since 2002, namely with Prof M. Botella and Prof I. Alemán

Uinversité Aix-Marseille (AMU)  7268 ADES – Service of Anthropologie biomédicale, éthique, médecine légale, droit de la santé, in particular with Prof P. Adalian

In a very near future there will be a joint venture of international labs in forensic anthropology. Besides LFA, Labanof and 7268 ADES AMU, there will be other partners.

Instituto Médico Legal Afrânio Peixoto, Rio de Janeiro, directed by Dr. Reginaldo Franklin. In particular with the Service of Forensic Anthropology unit, coordinated by Dr. Marcos Paulo S. Machado.

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Depart. Of Anthropology and Human genetics, in particular with Prof J. Bruzek.

Universidad de Antioquia, Departamento de Antropologia, Colombia, specifically Dra Timisay Monsalve.

Collaboration in a Forensic Sciences Project in Brazil where Professor Cunha will be invited researcher in 2016/17. This is a project approved by CAPES, in ed. 25/2014 Pro-Forenses, with USP University of São Paulo and Faculty of Medicine, Ribeirão Preto, UNICAMP – University of Campinas, UnB, University of Brasilia and Instituto nacional de Criminalistica de la Policia Federal.