Post-doc researcher

Giampaolo obtained the Natural Sciences Degree on 2004 from the University of Sassari (Italy), with a graduation work entitled "Studio Paleoantropologico sui resti ossei della Tomba IV di Sa Figu (Ittiri)”. He conducted his PhD in Biological Anthropology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Department of Animal Biology, Vegetal Biology and Ecology.

His tesis, titled The use of spectroscopy and diffraction techniques in the study of bones and implications in Anthropology, Paleontology and Forensic sciences, was devoted to the study of burned and fossil bones through the use of various physico-chemical techniques as: X-Ray Diffraction, KBr and ATR-IR, XRF fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.

Due to the important results achieved during the PhD, Dr. Giampaolo Piga received the PhD UAB Extraordinary Award in November 2016.

His area of interest is the study of burned bones, funerary archaeology, and the application of innovative methods to archaeological and fossil remains.