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Spanish Association of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology 8th Scientific Meeting

Asociación Española de Antropología y Odontología Forense (AEAOF) // Spanish Association of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology 8th Scientific Meeting


“La Arqueología Forense: la necesidad de un protocolo multidisciplinar”

The VIII AEAOF meeting official language will be spanish. More info is available in the following document.

GAAF 2016: Rencontre autour de nos aïeux

The 8th meeting of the Groupe d’Anthropologie et d’Archéologie Funéraire (GAAF) is going to be held Marseille, during the last week of May, 2016. The main topics will be:

  1. Research about recent death: state-of-art
  2. The creation of the modern cemetery: from body donations to archaeologic data
  3. From research to historical knowledge
  4. Recent death: from funerary archaeology to medico-legal anthropology
  5. Discussion on ethical matters

Click here to see the program (only available in French).

“O que dizem os ossos exumados em Santa Clara-a-Velha” exhibition


Yesterday, dozens of people went to the inauguration of O que dizem os ossos exumados em Santa Clara-a-Velha at the visitor center of the monastery. This exhibition reveals material from an anthropological excavation that occurred in 1996/97 executed by an anthropological team from the Life Sciences Department (University of Coimbra).

The Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha establishes a stone perimeter around an idea of community that survived in the skeletons of Coimbra’s Poor Clares. The lesser facts, the smaller events, are sometimes reveled by the bones o the women who lived and died at the Monastery. Eugénia Cunha and Francisco Curate attempted to restore those posthumous memories: a genuflected prayer, a moment of a grief, or an act of hygiene. An entire community. The exhibition can be visited until the 18th of September (2016).

Below you can interact with a 3D model of one of the many crania that can be seen in the exhibition:

Also, the media coverage: