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XX Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Antropología Física


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the General Assembly of the Spanish Society of Physical Anthropology, held in Madrid in 2015, it was agreed to trust the organization of the next congress of the society to the Biological Anthropology Unit, from the Department of Animal Biology, Vegetal Biology and Ecology, of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

We approach the organization of this event with great enthusiasm, especially when coincide with the twentieth Congress of the SEAF. For Biological Anthropology Unit, this represents a challenge that allows us to make a double analysis: on the one hand, to make a balance of the evolution of our field, on the other hand, it signifies a responsibility that powers us to turn our look to the future overcoming the challenges that new technologies faces us.

For these reasons we felt appropriate the development of the congress under the subheading “Physical Anthropology in the Genomic Era”. Under this heading we want to gather the different fields of physical anthropology, and reflect on the new perspectives of research, which certainly offers us this interesting moment of science.

We would like to have the input of everyone, but especially from young people, who ultimately are our future. We hope that new perspectives arise from the discussion and the join work, which allow the continuity and a leading position of Anthropology. We are also organizing a parallel Symposium, Genomics in Anthropology: New Challenges and Opportunities, with invited researchers who will bring us their expertise in the field of genomics applied to Anthropology.

In 2001, at the Bellaterra campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where it is located our Biological Anthropology Unit, we organized the 12th Congress of the SEAF. For us it was a chance to show you our university, its facilities and its potential. This time, however, we have decided to organize the event in the city of Barcelona, which has many attractive and probably will facilitate your stay. The event will take place from 12 to 14 July 2017 at the Alimara Hotel.

We invite you to come to Barcelona and to participate in the congress; to meet again to exchange experiences and together ask ourselves the new challenges for our research and our society.

See you in Barcelona in 2017!

M Pilar Aluja and Assumpció Malgosa
The Organizing Committee

Talk about Nicolau Nasoni’s possible last place of rest


This month on the 19th of November, Professor Eugénia Cunha will give a talk about a recent excavation that took place inside a crypt in Torre dos Clérigos, Oporto, Portugal. From it, her team of anthropologists might have recovered the remains of the historically famous architect Nicolau Nasoni. The talk will be given in Portuguese.

Hereby we invite everyone to participate. To know more visit Um Objeto e Seus Discursos.

XXXIIème Colloque GALF

Tribute to Professor Georges Larrouy

Limit date to register: May 15th 2016

Limit date for abstracts submission: April 20th 2016

Taking place in Toulouse, from 7 to 9 of June, the GALF (Goupement des Anthropologistes de Langue Française) congress gathers every two years bioanthropologists of French-speaking countries and other colleagues interested in themes related to human biology. It characterizes itself by featuring the cultural background in the study of human populations. The result is an approach that gathers biological anthropology, human and social sciences and also prehistory, archeology, social and cultural anthropology, demography and history.

In 2016, the congress will discuss current issues relevant to the study of human diversity in the areas of: (i) the history of human occupation through paleoanthropology, prehistory, funerary practices, biomarkers, genomics and paleogenomics; (ii) the contemporary and past human identification; (iii) the co-evolution of man with infectious and parasitic agents throughout history; (iv) the sessions will be devoted to various aspects of human diversity.

The colleagues will put into perspective the most recent works in the field of bioanthropology with those from when Professor Georges Larrouy was starting is carreer. Professor Larruoy was former President of the University Paul Sabatier, former president of Sciences Academy of Toulouse, former director of the Hemotypology’s Center of CNRS, and also active member of GALF, who died in 2015.

Visit the colloque official site for more info!



Viajar com os ossos: da nossa história natural à resolução de casos criminais

*The following conference will be presented in portuguese*

Palestra inserida no ciclo “Fronteiras da Ciência”, coordenado por António Piedade com a Professora Eugénia Cunha, do Departamento de Ciências da Vida da Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia.


Público-alvo: Público em geral

Os ossos, como tecidos duros do corpo humano, quando fossilizam, contam estórias sobre a nossa história natural. Por outro lado, quando passou pouco tempo desde a altura da morte e os tecidos moles já não são informativos, os ossos testemunham violações de direitos humanos e permitem devolver a identidade a quem a perdeu. São estórias dos ossos, que são intemporais, que se vão contar, uma viagem desde há 7 milhões de anos até ao presente.

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