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IAFS 2017

Dear Friends of IAFS,

We are busy planning the 21st Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) in Toronto, Canada, from August 21 to 25.  IAFS 2017 is now less than a year away!

The theme of IAFS 2017, “Inter-Professional Collaboration in Forensic Science”, will address the humanitarian aspects of forensic science to support human rights and justice. The Scientific Planning Committee has come up with an academic program that is current, relevant and cross-cutting.

At this time, we are very excited to reveal our new website (www.IAFStoronto2017.com) where you will find details about IAFS 2017, including scientific content, areas of special interest, guest speakers, networking opportunities, hotel accommodations and tourism information. Online conference registration will open in November.

For the latest updates, you can follow us on social media on our Facebook page – International Association of Forensic Sciences and through our Twitter account: @IAFS2017. Please support the conference by promoting IAFS 2017 to your colleagues!

What’s up in Forensic Anthropology

Hoje pelas 14 horas a professora Eugénia Cunha vai dar uma palestra para 60 alunos Belgas que estão no 3º ano de Ciências Biomédicas.



We were at the science festival from Oliveira do Bairro


The LFA was present at Oliveira do Bairro (European city of scientific culture) hosting talks at two levels: 1) Workshop about the role of anthropologists in forensic examinations and an introduction to the field of forensic anthropology; 2) a dynamic and day-long interaction with participants, answering questions and explaining our day-to-day jobs and research at the lab. These were conducted by our team members Catarina Coelho, Leoni Fagundes, and Calil Makhoul.

Spanish Association of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology 8th Scientific Meeting

Asociación Española de Antropología y Odontología Forense (AEAOF) // Spanish Association of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology 8th Scientific Meeting


“La Arqueología Forense: la necesidad de un protocolo multidisciplinar”

The VIII AEAOF meeting official language will be spanish. More info is available in the following document.

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