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We were at the science festival from Oliveira do Bairro


The LFA was present at Oliveira do Bairro (European city of scientific culture) hosting talks at two levels: 1) Workshop about the role of anthropologists in forensic examinations and an introduction to the field of forensic anthropology; 2) a dynamic and day-long interaction with participants, answering questions and explaining our day-to-day jobs and research at the lab. These were conducted by our team members Catarina Coelho, Leoni Fagundes, and Calil Makhoul.

12th INPALMS Congress 2016

Workshop 1.6 and 2.6

Scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18th September 2016.

Presented by
1. Prof. Eugénia Cunha, Portugal
2. Prof. Douglas Ubelaker, USA
3. Prof. Eric Baccino, France


Workshop Topic:
Essentials on Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe (FASE)

The workshop will be held on a two full day basis, from 09.00 – 16.00

Registration fee USD 250/pax.

Seats are filling fast, save your spot on the workshop by clicking “register” on inpalms2016bali.com

See you in Bali!

Dissection Summer School

Did you learn your human anatomy by means of dissection of a human cadaver?

The School of Anatomical Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg is hosting a Dissection Summer School in order to provide training in human anatomy undertaken on human cadavers. This venture has been endorsed by the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA).
The Wits School of Anatomical Sciences is set in Johannesburg which is the economic hub of South Africa. The Wits Faculty of Health Sciences is recognized internationally for its academic programs and its research.

General information

Anatomy departments worldwide struggle to obtain human cadavers to teach anatomy, and therefore at many universities, anatomy is taught entirely through digital means or by prosected specimens only. We at the School of Anatomical Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, are in the fortunate position of being able to provide full body dissection to our medical and allied health sciences students. We would therefore like to extend this opportunity to international medical and allied health sciences students (e.g., physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, etc), clinicians and specialists who have not had the opportunity to dissect a human body.

We are therefore offering the following options:

  1. Dissection of a human body for health sciences undergraduate or postgraduate students who have not had dissection experience.
  2. Intensive dissection of a specific region of interest (e.g., brain, shoulder, etc) should this material be available. This would be for specialists only.

Participants will have to share a cadaver, but it is proposed that there will be no more than six (6) participants working on one cadaver. Dissections will be carried out under the guidance of expert anatomists.

Practical arrangements

Date: 25 – 29 July 2016 (5 days)
Venue: School of Anatomical Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand
Cost per participant (max 25 individuals): 1250 USD (excluding transport and accommodation)*

*It is expected that participants arrange and fund their own transport and accommodation, although we will be available to advise on hotels which are in close proximity to the Faculty of Health Sciences. While a dissection guide will be provided, participants must bring their own atlases and other material such as gloves and a white coat. Included in the week’s program is an afternoon visit to the famous Cradle of Humankind fossil sites.
This opportunity is only available to bona fide anatomy students or specialists. The organizers will require proof of registration as a health sciences student or employee at a health-based institution.

Contact persons for more information

Prof Amadi Ihunwo
Prof Maryna Steyn
Prof Beverley Kramer


Please click here to download and complete the registration form and email it to Mrs L Marole.

LFA was in Qualifica 2016

Last week the LFA was present in Qualifica 2016Feira de Educação, Formação, Juventude e Emprego, at Exponor (Porto, Portugal). We promoted Forensic Anthropology and related disciplines as well as the education options available at University of Coimbra. During the 14-17th of April, Exponor was a space focused on networking between professionals, students and professors, in a very informal and fun context.