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Entrevista a Miguel Botella

A entrevista com Miguel Botella, um investigador com quase 50 anos de trabalho em diferentes contextos, ressalva que o trabalho com equipas pluridisciplinares é essencial para que os casos de Antropologia Forense sejam resolvidos com sucesso.

Miguel C. Botella: «Tenemos la mayor colección de esqueletos de niños del mundo»



Forensic Anthropologist career covered in the front page of El País

The career of Forensic Anthropologist was promoted today in the 16th episode of La Carrera Especial, a mini-documentary series from El País. In this series of encounters between teachers and students, Professor Eugénia Cunha was chosen to represent the profession. Insights and methods were shared with a student of Criminology and Psychology, Candela Fernández, from the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Francisco Etxeberria was awarded with ‘Premios9M’

Professor Francisco Etxeberria

Prof. Francisco Etxeberria

Professor Francisco Etxeberria was the winner of the 9DEMARZO Prize in the Best technological & scientific application and field work category. The professor in Legal and Forensic Medicine in the Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) was awarded this prize in recognition for his excellence as a forensic expert. Also, for his contributions on the preservation of historical memory and specifically for his major work in the genetic identification of the human remains of Ruth and José Corboda’s children.


Source: Eldiario

Promoting the Forensic Anthropologist career in Portugal

Today, Professor Eugénia Cunha, Coordinator of the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology, was featured in designthefuture as a role model of the Forensic Anthropologist profession. Design the Future is a new Career guidance web platform created to help Portuguese younger generations during the process of finding the right academic and professional path, considering their tastes and skills. Below, you can watch a promotional video, (only available in portuguese):