The Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology (LFA), remodelled in 2014, belongs to the Centre for Functional Ecology, and is located in the Department of Life Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (Portugal). It is mainly focused on forensic research and teaching.

At the LFA, we test and develop methods that can answer to any aspect of the identification of human skeletal remains. LFA holds the 21st Century Identified Skeletal Collection (CEI/XXI) with over 300 individuals, all adults and with advanced age-at-death. We have been also developing a collection of human partially burned remains comprising till now of 40 individuals. Besides, there is also a collection of 66 non-Identified Individuals, three of them non-adults. LFA has 24 members that develop researches related to the biological profile (ancestry, sex, age, and stature), taphonomy, post-mortem interval, trauma, research in burned and non-burned human skeletal remains.

We compile all the information regarding our work at the lab. That includes scientific publishing, research projects, services of training and education, among others. Also if you want to collaborate with us at any level you will be able to find the appropriate way to do so. In addition, we post dynamic content in a regular basis such as news and events related to forensic anthropology in international and local contexts. So keep following us!